What To Wear For Spring Photos


Spring is such a beautiful time of year to have your photos done. After those long, cold winter months spent inside, the flowers blooming and weather warming makes for the perfect time to break out for some outside fun! But you may be asking yourself “what should I wear for spring photos?”

One of the most common questions I get asked from all of my clients with sessions on the horizon is exactly that “what should we wear for our photoshoot?” This is a great question because after all your investing a lot in having photographs taken. These photo’s will very well be placed on display for years to come, so why wouldn’t you want to look your best!

So where do you start with outfit selections? What colours should you select? How should you coordinate the whole families outfits? I’ll answer all of these questions for you right here in this article!

The Basics of What to Wear for Spring Photos:

What to wear for kids spring photos

Regardless of the time of year there are always similar rules that should apply to all photo sessions.

  • Dress for the environment around you

If it’s cold and snowing(in Canada that is still very possible in spring) be sure to dress a little warmer.

  • Dress everyone for the same weather conditions

If everyone is wearing pants and sweaters, try not to have just one person in shorts or a dress.

  • Choose 3-4 colours to build your outfits around

Using patterns to add dynamics to your colour choices is also a great way to coordinate without everyone being completely “matching.”

  • Avoid wearing graphic t-shirts or hoodies with distracting logos and neon colours

There is nothing that pulls the attention away from a beautiful portrait than distracting logos. Another key element to avoid would be hats, sunglasses or sweatpants. Yes, yoga pants count as sweatpants although I am so guilty of sporting these genius creations as pants on a regular basis. However for photos your paying money for, it may be wise to skip them for a day.

  • Embrace layering

This concept may be foreign to many people, as it was to me for a long time. Adding layers to your outfit can be so simple though and it looks great in photos! Try adding a jean or leather jacket and scarf to your ensemble and you’ll be amazed at the effect it has on tying your outfit together.

  • Make sure your clothes fit

This tip is mostly for kids. I have 2 little boys and let me tell you, they sure can grow! One day their clothes all fit, and the next day I’m out shopping for more pants that will soon turn capris.

What colours should you choose for spring?

This is my favouite part of choosing what to wear for a spring photos. I always like to suggest you keep things more neutral with a splash of colour, but this is where you can get a little more creative with your outfit choices. Here are some colour scheme examples that may help you in your decision process.

Colors for spring photos

How to layer to stay warm and look fabulous for your photos?

Spring in Alberta can be a fickle time. It is starting to warm up, but can still be quite chilly at times. So before you bundle up and cover up your gorgeous outfit with a winter coat. Consider wearing a vest over your shirt, or wearing a jean or leather jacket. Cardigans are also a great way to add layers to your outfit. If it is extra chilly out you can also consider wearing extra clothes under your desired outfit for warmth. Extra t-shirt, leggings under your jeans, extra socks, ect… This way you still look great, while staying warm.

What to wear for spring photos

Patterns vs Matching make for great photos

I have seen so many spring photos that have everyone in a matching shirt or jacket. This can definitely be cute if it is the look your going for and the style you like. I enjoy creating more candid and real moments to be captured, almost as if they happened by complete accident. Photo’s that tell your story. To create this happy accident and still look coordinated I always suggest using similar colours but in different patterns.

For example: Dark blue navy top on one person, a white shirt with a navy blue pattern on another, and then a white summer dress with a navy blue necklace, shoes or accessories. These outfits all have a similar colour (navy blue) but they are being paired differently. Instead of having everyone in solid navy blue shirts, you are still complimenting one another while also letting each person in the photos stand out in a great way!

Dressing the family for spring photos

Lastly, don’t be afraid to dress up!

Now obviously this will go back to my “dress for the weather” point I mentioned earlier. But at any time of the year, it’s okay to dress up a little bit. Do your hair a make up a little more than you normally would. Accessorize and break out the jewelry, hats, and fun boots or shoes. Maybe even bring out the summer dresses and skirts a little early if the weather is nice enough!

In my experience, when you feel like you look great, your expressions reflect that and make for great photos to have on the walls that you can be proud of yourself in.

Dressing for spring photos

When in doubt, just ask!

You can always call me or send me pictures of what you’ve picked out to wear for your photos before your session as well! I love being a part of those decisions and helping you feel as comfortable and possible before your session. So always, always feel free to ask me before your session.

I love hearing from you guys and to be honest, I am no fashionista! So let me know in the comments below if you have any other suggestions of what to wear for spring photos or if you found this helpful when it comes to choosing your spring photo outfit.

Outfits for spring photos

For more ideas on what to wear feel free to visit my Pinterest inspiration board “What To Wear For Your Spring Session”.

If you have other questions or to get your own spring photo session on my schedule this year send me a message here.

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