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There are certain things that photographers look for when choosing a great photo location for your photo session. It really is quite the process that goes through our minds when we’re making this selection, and typically we have about 3-5 favourites that we like to re-use based on these elements. So here are the top 3 things that make a great photo location.

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1. Lighting in a Great Photo Location

The first thing I am going to be looking for is lighting. Now, I can probably right an entire blog post just on what is the best lighting for photography, and maybe one day I will. But for this post in particular I will try to keep it simple. In order to create a great image I always try and put my subjects in the shade. This helps eliminate any harsh shadows on their faces, and allows me to properly expose them which is what makes them stand out in the photo. When I am scouting for a great photo location, I am always looking for shaded areas to give myself the best lighting.

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2. Backdrop for a Great Photo Location

Once I have determined my shaded area when my couple or family is going to be posing, I them look at the backdrop. Is there a nice tree line or wall in the background? Is the background going to be distracting to look at and take away from my subjects in the photo? I love having trees or some colour in the background as is adds great dynamics and contracts to the image. So when I am looking for great photo location, I always have my eyes on stand out backdrops!

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3. Easy Access to a Great Photo Location

This is such an important point to consider when searching for photo locations and it often depends on the type of session I am shooting. If I am doing a maternity session, or a session with little kids, I definitely want to try and avoid having them walk for a long periods of time. A younger couple, or an engagement session could get away with more walking and exploring, especially if this is discussed before hand and if the couple is up for an adventure. So I try to find locations that keep us close to our meeting area so we can get right into the session!

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BONUS: Scenery

I always try to ask my clients if their is any specific scenery they want to have in their photo session. Some examples would be; trees, bridges, brick walls, mountains, rivers/lakes, etc… Everyone has their own unique taste and style and I always try to include that in our session together. If your not sure what style or type of scenery your looking for, create a style board on Pinterest of some photos that you like to help create an idea of what your looking for.

I hope these were helpful and gave you some in site into what actually goes into each photo location selecting process. There really is a strategy behind every great photo location and it makes all the difference in the photos that get delivered. For more great photo locations or to book your own great location visit

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