Megan & Clay


A Winter Wedding in Devon, AB

We could not have asked for a more perfect winter wedding setting for Megan and Clay’s wedding day! The fluffy snowflakes that began to fall just in time for portraits truly had the most amazing timing and added just the special touch the Bride and Groom had asked for.

Megan and Clay reached out to me back in the summer of 2022 and I remember having to ask Megan twice as she told me that they were planning a winter wedding, but Clay hadn’t quite proposed yet! I don’t often get calls that early in the planning stages but when you know you know, and Megan Knew! She also knew that she wanted me to be there to capture their special day for them. So when I got the email(with photos included) after they had secured their wedding day with me saying that Clay finally popped the question, I did a little happy dance for them!

We decided to get together in the fall to meet up before the big day and celebrate with some engagement photos. Since they were planning to get married at their home church in Devon Alberta, I made the trip out there to capture their engagement session and have them show me around a little.

The moment we met we knew we would be immediate friends! And that was the case with every single family member we met during their wedding day as well. Brad and I felt like a part of the family from the moment we opened the door to Sharene’s beautiful home where the girl were getting ready.

As we walked in and began shooting the bridal details for the day, we were in awe firstly at how gorgeous Sharene’s home was. But also at all the loving ladies that were surrounding the bride as she prepared for not one, not two, but THREE first looks that were just around the corner!

As we snuck away to go meet the groom and his men to capture some before shots of them getting ready, the snow started to come down really heavy! I was so excited because I know that the one thing Megan and Clay wanted for their winter wedding portraits was some pretty snow falling.

I remember walking in the grooms apartment and being introduced to all the, very tall, groomsmen. We laughed as they all told me their names, Cale, Cyler, Cayden, and Brett. It was a lot of C names for me to remember But I am proud to say that after only a few trials and inside laughs I finally was able to tell them all apart with their correct name. Except Brett, he stood out right away as the grooms best friend!

Fast forward to the first looks, the bride wanted to share a special moment with not only her dad and her groom. But on this special day she was also gaining 3 new brothers who were groomsmen and she wanted to be sure to have a first look with them as well! What a special moment for them to have their own first look at their new sister all dressed up as a beautiful bride! All the reactions were so special and I was so happy to be able to capture each of these for Megan and Clay to remember as they look back through their wedding album.

Of course portrait time was beautiful as ever with the snow perfectly falling around us creating the most beautiful winter wedding scene! Although winter can look so beautiful we were all pretty frozen! I could not be more proud of ALL the girls outside toughing it out to make magic happen in these portraits.

I have to say out of all the weddings I photograph, Megan and Clay’s has by far been the most unique! These two have a love of board games like no other! They decided that instead of a big dance and DJ that they wanted to do game night with everyone they love! It brings me so much joy when couples add their own unique touch to their reception. That is the beautiful of planning a wedding, you get to do whatever you want and they truly are no rules! We had so much fun and I wished we could have stayed much longer to play more games with them throughout the night. But the roads we not great from all the snow so we did have to head back earlier than we would have liked. What a fun way to celebrate their wedding reception though!

Through all the love, laughter, beauty and uniqueness that was captured on this winter wedding day, my most favorite part would have to be when Cale gave his best man speech to his big brother. I balled like a baby!! In the near future I pray that my two boys have a connection like these 4 brothers had and share in the love and relationship with the Lord as they do. We were so touched by these two families coming together and will never forget the forever friends we have made.

I hope you all can feel the joy and love that Megan and Clay shared on this special day and you scroll through just a preview of all the amazing moments that were captured.

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