The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklists


Get all the wedding planning checklists you’ll ever need in one free printable PDF!

I have got you covered! I have compiled 3 BIG Wedding Planning CHECKLISTS that will help get you through this journey!

I’ve been there!! You’ve just got engaged and you have NO IDEA where to begin when it comes to wedding planning… Talk about stressful! I fully believe that wedding planning should be a fun journey! And you should never be stuck with more questions than answers. If it wasn’t for my maid of honour who had just gone through her own wedding planning process, I would have been SO lost!

I have got you covered! I have compiled 3 BIG Wedding Planning CHECKLISTS that will help get you through this journey:

1. The Wedding Planning Timeline Checklist

This checklist is amazing and helped me SO much when I was planning my own wedding. This checklist will walk you through how far in advance you should be accomplishing each task. When should you purchase your wedding dress? When should you book your vendors? When should you book your final dress fitting? This list will be your Holy Grail when it comes to all those “When should I” questions!

2. The Wedding Packing Checklist

Every bride has a list of things they simply cannot forgot to bring with them on their wedding day. A list of extra “To-Do’s” that must be done before you can start getting ready. This checklist will not only help you pack all the things you need for your wedding day. But it will also help you pack everything you will need for you wedding NIGHT! Let’s also not forget the grooms packing list! I’ve included all the things you BOTH with need for this special day so that nothing gets missed. There is also plenty of space to add your own extra items/notes incase there are some items unique to you.

3. The After Wedding Checklist

This is a list that answer SO many newlywed questions! It is by far the most popular list to have with you post wedding day! What steps should you take to change your name? What should you do with your wedding dress and/or left over florals and décor? This checklist will help you through all those technical things and more!

I hope you find these wedding planning checklists helpful on this journey! It feels so great to be able to provide brides with answers to questions I never had in hopes to make this a fun experience and minimize as much stress as possible!

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