A Beautiful Spring Mountain Engagement


Allison & Daniel

Allison and Daniel’s spring mountain engagement session was nothing short of magical! We got to enjoy the stunning views of the Bow River with mountains surrounding us at every angle. We then decided to head up the trail toward Pigeon Creek for a breathtaking surprise that actually made my hear skip a beat! Getting to know one another and chat about their wedding day was by far one of the highlights of this engagement session. Their love for one another was immediately evident from the first photo we took! And the natural beauty of the mountains only added to the pure romance of this spring mountain engagement session.

Location Scouting

I have done sessions here before in the fall months, but little did I know just how different things would be in Spring. My original plan was to spend majority of our time on the rocky beach of the Bow River with the mountain views surrounding us at every angle as I have always done. But when I walked down to the river I quickly realized just how high it was with all the spring run off from the mountains around it. So my plans had to pivot just a little.

I was able to find a dry patch for us to use that would allow us to capture the mountain views along the Bow River but obviously keep us dry from the fast flowing river. After taking some time and finding this perfect spot, I knew we would need a couple more spots to create a full gallery of images with lots of variety. With session time drawing near I decided we would just go on an adventure together to find any other spots we wanted along the way. Boy, were we in for a real surprise!

The Bow River

The Bow River provided the perfect backdrop for Allison and Daniel’s first set of photos creating a refreshing spring atmosphere. Hiding in the bushes I was in awe of the beautiful foreground we were able to create. The mountains towered in the distance, providing a dramatic backdrop for this first part of their engagement session.

A Hidden Gem

Time for an adventure! We decided to head up the trail towards pigeon creek. In the fall season this creek is bone dry and not usually a sot I would consider to shoot at. As we emerged from the trees, we were greeted by the most stunning view. The sound of Pigeon Creek flowing against the rocks with a beautiful trail shaping the creek was breath taking! With the sky starting to be painted with shades of pink and orange, casting a warm glow over everything. Allison and Daniel stat together on the rocks with their toes in the water, taking in the beauty of the moment. They held each other close as the sun sank lower in the sky, casting a golden light over everything. This spot was a truly inspiring location and we had so much fun finding it together!

This spring mountain engagement session was a journey of love and beauty, and the memories we had created will certainly last a lifetime. Their love for each other had been captured in the stunning photos, and the natural beauty of the mountains has provided a breathtaking backdrop for our journey. Allison and Daniel’s engagement session was a true testament to the beauty of nature and the power of love.

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