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There are certain elements that photographers look for when choosing a great location for your photo session…

Top 3 things that make a great photo location


Great Photo Locations in Red Deer AB

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Why should you get memorable family photos done every year? There’s nothing nice to wear, the kids are a challenge just to get out the door, husbands are convinced they will die if it happens… There are so many obstacles!! So why go through all the effort? Well here are 5 amazing reasons it is […]

Why You Should Have Family Photos Done Every Year


Red Deer AB River Bend Family Photographer

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Winter photo sessions are so beautiful! The snow slightly falling, icicles hanging from frosted trees, and kids catching snowflakes on their tongues! However, dressing to impress in big heavy parkas may not be the look or style you’re hoping for during your photo session. So what should you wear to your winter photo shoot? Luckily, […]

What to Wear to a Winter Photo Shoot


What to Wear to Your Winter Photo Session

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It became a relational thing, how can I get the most genuine smiles, what can I say or do to help this person feel so incredibly comfortable in front of the camera in order to get those great candid shots.“ How I Started My Photography Journey What sparked the inspiration Unlike some photographers who always […]

How I Started my Photography Journey


Red Deer AB Canada Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer