What to Wear to a Winter Photo Shoot


What to wear to a winter photo shoot in Canada

Winter photo sessions are so beautiful! The snow slightly falling, icicles hanging from frosted trees, and kids catching snowflakes on their tongues! However, dressing to impress in big heavy parkas may not be the look or style you’re hoping for during your photo session. So what should you wear to your winter photo shoot? Luckily, I’ve seen my fair share of winters here in Canada and I have come up with a few tips that will help you choose the perfect outfit for your upcoming photo shoot.

1. Be sure to wear layers

When it comes to what to wear to a winter photo shoot, the key to not only staying warm but also staying fashionable during your photo shoot is to wear lots of layers! Some of my most favourite outfits are in the form of lots of layers. Try finding a nice collared shirt and wearing a sweater overtop along with a nice jean or leather jacket. Pair this with some nice blue jeans and high riding boots and you’ve got yourself a statement!

What to wear to a photo shoot

Another fun way to layer is by wearing a long sweater shirt, some lined leggings and a blanket scarf. Blanket scarfs are very “in” right now and there is a good reason for that. Not only do they look great but they also keep you so warm!

wearing winter accessories to your photo shoot

2. Include a stylish button down winter coat

Since we live majority of our 12 month calendar year in -20 weather, most of us buy our winter coats based on warmth. But there is something so elegant and beautiful about having a beautiful coat in the closest that is simply made for more upscale outings (Christmas parties, weddings, business meetings, and Photo Shoots!) Wear some nice layers under a nice button down coat and you will not only look fabulous but you well also be nice and toasty!

winter photoshoot outfits

3. Wear colours that pop against the white background

Something I always tell my clients when they ask about what they should wear to their photo session is not to wear white during the snowy winters. Wearing white or very light tones means you will most likely blend and fade into the background. Winter is a great time to wear bright reds and warm tones! Nothing warms up a winter session like a plaid red and black shirt and a black vest which makes those reds really stand out! Don’t be afraid to make a bold colour statement especially in the winter months. However I always recommend avoiding neon colours. If you do want to wear a light coloured shirt or sweater, maybe add a darker jacket overtop to add some contrast and layer to your ensemble.

What to wear to a winter photo shoot

4. Take advantage of some hidden layers

Although I will always bring a blanket to our session, when the weather is creeping on -20 it can definitely be a great idea to wear some hidden layers of warmth in your outfit choice. The key is to just be conscious of where your bulking up with layers. For example, extra socks is a great idea! Wearing an extra bulky sweater under your coat may not accentuate all the best features, so if you are going to add an extra sweater, just be sure to wear a coat that has a waist belt to help bring attention to the smallest part of your waist. Another great idea is to use some hotties (hand warmers) and put them EVERYWHERE! Your boots, your mittens, and all your pockets! I use these all the time to keep my toes and fingers warm.

what to wear to a winter photo shoot in canada

5. Dress for the weather

I can’t stress this point enough! Be comfortable and dress for the weather during your session. If you or the kids are freezing cold and uncomfortable during your session, you will look freezing cold and uncomfortable during your session. There are so many ways to add layers and warmth and still look great and have a fun photo session! During winter sessions I always love session mittens and hats as part of the outfit. Everyone can see that it’s winter outside so why not ride the wave and go all in with accessories that complement the season. Not only do they “add more layers” and give more accent to images. They also keep you warm!

what to wear to a winter photo shoot in canada

So there you have it! 5 of my top tips to help your stay warm and choose the best outfit to wear to your winter photo shoot! Of course if you ever have any questions about what to wear to your session don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly. I love helping you choose the best outfit and give any advice I can to help you feel comfortable and warm during your session.

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