Why You Should Have Family Photos Done Every Year


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Why should you get memorable family photos done every year? There’s nothing nice to wear, the kids are a challenge just to get out the door, husbands are convinced they will die if it happens… There are so many obstacles!! So why go through all the effort? Well here are 5 amazing reasons it is worth the battle, and that will help you start to see why you should get memorable family photos done every year.

1. Capture Memories Every Year

Our experiences form us into who we are today. So often we don’t know a moment is going to be so memorable until all of a sudden it is a memory of a time you cherished. Families grow and change so quickly for reasons like marriage, birth, loved ones passing, or moving far away. Having your family photos done yearly creates a memorable timeline of events that will be sure to bring back all kinds of emotions.

Memorable Family Photography in Red Deer AB

2. Photos Aren’t Just For You, But For Future Generations

Family reunions and special occasions are when the whole family gets together and those family photo albums get passed around. Memories start flooding the room, as relatives recount stories from their younger years. Although you may not care about photos of you right now, your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be grateful they have pictures of you to go along with the many stories that will be shared.

Grandparents photoshoot for future generations in Red Deer AB

3. Capture Milestones and Growth

Kids grow up in the blink of an eye! One day you’re a chauffeur, maid, cook, and referee. The next day your coming home from dropping your youngest off at college and the house is calm and quiet. It’s in that moment, you will be so grateful for all those family photo albums full of milestones and memories to flip through.

Milestone Family Photography in Red Deer AB

4. You Never Know When the Last Photo Will Be

Life is so short. It is unexpected and completely unpredictable. I know we never want to think about the fact that one day our loved ones won’t be with us, but unfortunate events do happen. It’s so important that we take full advantage of the time we have together now so that we don’t regret putting it off later. This goes for moms too! Often, it’s mom who always end up being the “picture taker”. Which means there’s even more reason to have someone else do the picture taking for a change.

a reason to Celebrate Generations photo in Red Deer AB

“One day, all your children will have is pictures of you. Make sure you’re in them. No matter what your hair looks like, your makeup, or your body, they won’t care about any of that, they’ll just want to see you.”

-Author Unknown

5. High Quality Pictures You’ll Actually Want to Show Off

Having your photos taken by a professional truly does give a whole other level of “worth it” to your photo albums. It may seem like a lot to invest, but the results are so worth it. I mean, why have photos done at all if your not going to want to show them off, am I right? Professional photographers don’t just charge a lot because they can. Proper lighting techniques, posing, and natural candid moments and smiles take a trained eye to capture. Not to mention years of practice and training to achieve. However, it is truly worth every penny when you can pull those albums off the shelves and relive an emotion or memory, or show off a picture that you look and feel so great in! Those are worth investing in! I love being able to provide each of my clients with their own Gallery Store to purchase high end products straight from their gallery with Pic-Time

High quality urban style  Photography in Red Deer AB

Hopefully these 5 reasons you should have family photos done every year help make that battle all the more worth it! Ultimately, there isn’t one session I have had where we didn’t laugh endlessly and have an amazing time! Which in itself is a bonus reason for yearly photos as well. Visit Candid Connection Photography to start capturing your own family memories

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